Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Manga Wiki Votes for Monthly Poll page. Here, you can submit your ideas for polls you might want to see on the front page. Unlike the Votes for Featured Article page, this page is open as of now. By all means, go for it!

Requirements for NominationEdit

  • The poll must be related to Kingdom Hearts. Lets not have a poll going around asking what your favorite flavor of ice cream is!
  • However, you can have one that is related to the game. We're open to anything here, game or manga!
  • The poll must make sense. To rephrase: avoid stuff that is completely random. That stuff belongs on your userpage! Lets not have something like this:
I hate Kairi!

The poll was created at 20:28 on March 6, 2010, and so far 1 people voted.

That just... isn't relevant at all! doesn't make sense...


Place your votes/nominations here under the latest month. Since it's March now, do it under "April 2010", as that is next month. Nominators, please provide a brief explanation as to how the poll works, and remember to sign your posts and votes! If there is only one nomination by the end of the month, that poll wins by default. For a brief synopsis of how this would work, go here

April 2010Edit

"Which drive form do you perfer?"

  • Which drive form do you perfer, meaning Sora's Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final, Anti, and normal forms. Just a simple poll. -- LegoAlchemist

March 2010Edit

(This vote never actually happened. It is veing used as an example to avoid ambiguity move things along.)

"Which Kingdom Hearts Manga series is your favorite?"

  • Pretty self explanitory. A good starting poll for a new wiki :D --User:LegoAlchemist
  • I'll go with this one. --EpicRiku01
  • Sounds good!!!1!1!one! ^_^ --Kairi123
  • Sounds Reasonable. --EmoboyVI Who took my Lexicon?


  • Oh yeah!!! 8DDD --SoraKeyblader9879
  • Sounds nice!!!1!! --SitarBoy09

Verdict - "Which Kingdom Hearts Manga Series is your favorite?" Yay! :D Sorry, Sora. --LegoAlchemist

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